Canadians try Trojan condoms free



Trojan is offering a “try me free” rebate! Purchase any one Bareskin 10 ct, Bareskin Studded 10 ct, or Bareskin Magnum 10 ct from Shoppers Drug Mart and receive up to $12.99 to cover the cost of the product (plus taxes and postage) by mail (in 6-8 weeks). Purchases must be made between November 9, 2015, and December 12, 2015. Make your refund request before January 12, 2016.

You’ll need to complete the on-line rebate/offer application form, print out the summary of your application form, and mail in the summary form, your cash register receipt (with the item circled), your original UPC from the package, and any other proof as required by the offer. Valid only in Canada, one offer per household. Note that the purchase must be made at Shoppers!



Stephanie is a deal-seeker, rock climber, and stepmom living in Toronto. A transplant from the United States, she is learning Canadian spellings and how to pinch Canadian nickels (since pennies are no longer in circulation).