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You probably have a discount card in your wallet, and you don’t even know it! I just learned about the perks of the Visa Signature Card, when I used to it save $10 bucks on movie tickets – so get out there and get free stuff with your visa card.

The cards are usually free to apply for and require no annual fee. In fact, with my United Plus Mileage card, I rack up the miles every time I use it. I use it like it’s my bank account to buy every day merchandise, groceries, gas, etc. Then, it’s setup online to automatically deduct funds to pay itself off every month. That way, I never have a balance or pay any interest.

Do you have a Visa Signature Card? If so, you have access to all sorts of perks, freebies, and discounts. If you have an airlines reward card like a United Mileage Plus Visa card, an Alaskan Airlines Card, a Capital One Mileage Visa, a Nordstrom Visa, or even a US Bank Visa Signature card, you qualify. Check your Visa Card to see if it’s a Visa Signature Card (most of the time it will say it is right on the front), but my United Mileage Plus card does not carry this emblem, and it still works. Your Visa debit bank cards will not qualify for these offers.

Best Freebies, Coupons, and Discounts for Visa Signature Card Holders

20% off Movie Tickets from Fandango – You can buy a Fandango gift card at 20% off, making a $25 gift card, $20 bucks! That’ll buy your popcorn 😉

Free Wine Tasting in Sonoma – Visa Signature cardholders will receive two (2) complimentary tastings (at over 60 wineries ) per cardholder when you show your Visa Signature card.

Free Concierge – Have them help you book your next trip or adventure or help you locate the perfect restaurant for your evening out.

wine country

Rental Car Insurance – Simply decline the collision insurance when you rent a car and be sure to use your Visa Signature Card, and you’ll be covered.

Travel Discounts – Savings on Hilton Hotels, Hertz car rentals, and Carnival Cruises to name a few. Get super discounts from Visa Signature Hotels.

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Visa Signature Card Benefits Overview (PDF)


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