Free Cookbook – 30 Easy Holiday Recipes


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Mr. Food has you covered. To get this freebie, plus 6 other free cookbook ebooks (which have way more thorough, unique, and well explained recipes than typical websites). None of this stuff is super gourmet, but it’s definitely top notch comfort food, a personal favorite of mine. I mean heck, check out that picture of food above… it makes me hungry just looking at it.

To get this free e-book and more, here’s what you need to do:
1.) Sign up here. They need an email address and it will start to look a bit spammy, but it’s the real deal… I promise. Enter in any working email address. Then you’ll need to sign up for one of their newsletters (also free) to get to your cookbooks.

2.) At this point, you’ll be offered some other advertiser/sponsor offer. If you’re interested, sign up – otherwise, just click “Skip”

3.) Now you’ve reached mecca of holiday cookbooks! You’ve arrived. There a bunch of great recipes here including things like:

  • Almond crusted brie
  • Parmasen popovers
  • Sour cream pie
  • Celebration punch
  • And tons more!

If you’re getting into the holidays just thinking about this stuff (like me!), you might also be interested in the free kids crafts e-book for things like DIY ornaments, decorations, gift tags, and more. Check out free Christmas crafts for kids (although, i think they’re good for anyone).


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