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Since I’ve been freebie hunting since 1996, I know the best places online to find free stuff, freebies, free samples, free stuff with coupons, and free events all over the internet. So get comfortable and grab a cup of coffee or tea. Check out this list for the 17 best freebie sites! You love all of them, I promise. 😉

The 17 Best Freebie Sites


1. Free Mania

Duh, did you really think we’d write a top list without putting Free Mania at the top of it, for freebies. Now that you’re here, I hope you’ve signed up for the freebie of the day newsletter so that you don’t miss out on stuff like free t-shirts, full sized products, valuable coupons and more that typically fly off the shelves within hours. Trust me, you want to be on the list. Also, join us on Facebook and Twitter to make certain you’re in connection with us.

2. Coupons.com

With Coupons.com, you can get printable and mobile coupons that operate in the very same way that manufacturers coupons do! Grab some high value ones and pair with sales at CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, and more to get totally free stuff! Also, watch Free Mania daily or sign up for our newsletter to get the info on which coupons to use with what sales.

3. Savings Star

Yay, Saving Star gives you cash back on groceries that you say you’re going to buy, via their online platform. You don’t actually have to buy them, but you do have to request them ahead of time. For example, right now you can score a free box of Rice-a-Roni. And who doesn’t like that? I have a friend who used to mix Rice-a-Roni with eggs, which is way better than it sounds!

4. Kroger

If you live near a Kroger or one of their many affiliates, get a coupon for a free item every Friday. You have to request the coupon on the Friday, but you can get the item in-store for two weeks after your request.

5. Craigslist

There’s unlimited free stuff on Craigslist. From free rides, to the “free stuff” section in the for sale area, to community events, to volunteer services…. you name it, you can find it on the biggest, best classified website in the world… well, at least the U.S. – I hear there are other better ones elsewhere.

6. ThredUp

You get a bunch of free credit to use on ThredUp, which can get you a few free 2nd hand clothing items… super fun to shop on there. I do it all the time. Do pay attention to sizing though… as in, number of inches and what not. All brands are different and since most of the clothing is used, you really have to pay attention to not just the actual photograph, but also the exact sizing on waist, length, etc.

7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks has been around forever and will enable you to get free stuff by reading emails, entering codes, searching (it uses Google), etc. It’s fairly easy to earn gift cards for your favorite retailers, so most freebie hunters become Swagbucks experts too!

8. Freecycle

Same idea as Craigslist, in a way… but on this site you can get boxes of baby clothes, wood, and free desks and such from your neighbors. You just post on an email list what you need or are giving away and get tons of free stuff or give it away. There are more than 12 million members worldwide.

9. Freaky Freddies

These guys are my friends! This site has been around for ages and they have dozens of categories of free stuff, always updated and fresh.

10. Recycle the World 

Same idea as Freecycle, but with better graphics 😉

11. Birthday Freebies

Did you know that most companies give away free stuff on your birthday? This site lists over 50 of them – so sign up before your birthday and score lots of freebies on your big day.

12. Kids Eat Free

Yummmmmmy! If you’re on a budget an don’t feel like cooking, check out the many places your kids eat free with an adult entree. Some of them will give you up to 3 free kids meals per adult entree purchased. That saves A LOT of mullah!

13. Slick Deals

They have a free stuff section, in addition to a ton of super deal scores on a daily basis. Updated constantly.

13. RedBox Freebies

Want free movies every weekend? Use the Redbox machine in your local grocery store and enter the codes found here.

14. Listia

Basically, you give an item away and earn points. With those points, you earn freebies!

15. Fat Wallet

Tons of free nuggets in the user generated freebie forums here.

16. Teen Freeway

Free stuff for teens, by teens. When I started Free Mania in the 90s, I wanted to start a sit like this. I didn’t, but these guys did and they are still going today.

17. Freebies 4 Mom 

Just like it sounds – a freebie blog for moms!

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best freebie sites online – what are yours? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


    I started Free Mania in 1997 as a teenager in small town Oregon. More than 15 years later, I'm proud that you continue to visit and that I can still help people save money, have fun, and take advantage of the free stuff that companies offer us. Today, I'm still an avid couponer, product sample queen, and deal hunter living in San Francisco, CA.