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Free General Dating SItes

Get full access to the newest, hottest dating network for 90 days! That means, 100% free dating, communicating, profile building, etc. for the next three months. You're not cheap if you join a free dating site. In fact, it's not even a free dating site. It's just free for now because it's new.

You can browse and create a profile absolutely free of charge and other people can contact you, but if you want to contact anyone else... you have to join. The thing is, if you are really serious about finding someone, has an enticing offer. Simply, join for 6 months and if you do not meet anyone that you are really crazy about, they'll give you 6 months free. is one of the largest dating networks online... so if you want options, this is a good place to start. For a limited time, you can sign up for a FREE 3-Day Trial. See if there is anything you like, peruse FREE.

Sign up free and communicate with anyone who emails you for free! Spark requires all members to have a photo and allow all of our members to respond to emails. At Spark, anyone can respond to emails. At most dating sites, non-paying members are limited to sending canned smiles or flirts but at Spark, singles can respond to anyone who sends them an email. Another thing that sets Spark apart is the chat feature. You'll get a compatibility profile too! It's like all the best features of Match and eHarmony rolled into an even better site that's free!

As one of the world wide webs only *completely free* dating services, Match Doctor does a superb job at offering an entertaining and inexpensive (free) atmosphere for singles in the pursuit of a companion.  At Matchdoctor you can page a specified member into a chat room, send and receive messages, and read pictures profiles with essays full of detailed information.  Be one of the over 500 people who join Matchdoctor daily from around the globe.  UPDATE: the site is looking pretty MySpacey and cluttered with ads.

Singles Net
According to their marketing "#1 Visited Online Dating Site in the U.S.A. More than Match, More than eHarmony. FREE to Email Featured Members And Review Your Matches. Free Trial." For a limited time, it is absolutely free to contact other members, free to read and receive email from other users, free to create a profile and view other profiles, and create a compatibility profile. They pledge that they have created more marriages than any other dating site. In addition, it only takes 30 seconds to sign up - no super long annoying forms to fill out.

Joe Date
This dating website is 100% FREE to use, so you will never have to worry about having a credit card.

I won't give Craigslist "Personals" section a glowing recommendation, but lots of people use it. I usually browse this one for laughs, but you can find lots of special interest dating on here. And hey, you never know right? You can meet someone anywhere.

Free 7-day trial. Also free to review your matches.

Eharmony Canada
Free 7-day trial. Also free to review your matches.

The Boston Globe says is the "Google of online dating." And, it's free to join and communicate as it always has been. This site is primarily used by young people in the indy crowd, but give it a go. You never know, and it's FREE!

Special Interest Dating - Sexy Personals for Passionate People
Sign-up and get a profile 100% free. The rest is all up to you.

Single Parent Dating
It's exactly what it sounds like. Join for free!

Amatuer Match
Tired of the regular dating sites? Amateur Match is a hot new dating site targeted to fun loving adults. This is for a free sign-up to the site, no credit card is required.

Russian Girls
This is not a 'Russian Mail Order Brides' website. Instead there are thousands of hot Russian girls with whom you can exchange emails, see them on our live video streaming, chat with. Join free with full-access for 3 days (credit card required, but not charged during the trial period).

Dating Entertainment, Quizzes, etc.

Virtual Kiss
You got the date, now what do you do? This site has been around since 1998. I used to love visiting Virtual Kiss when I was 15 or so. You can find everything from kissing tutorials and advice to love quizzes and interactive games.
Mostly used by Californians (read: vain people), this would make for an entertaining break at work for a good hard laugh. People list their photos on this site for other people to rate between 1-10 and they list short little profiles. Some people are on the system to meet people, and others are on purely for a little confidence boosting. If you click on meet people, you can flip through mini photo profiles of people in your area or with your interests... if you click, "I want to meet this person" you will end up in a line up of people that want to meet them by email. If they click on you and want to meet you too, the communication via the hotornot messaging center can begin. The service is totally free and very addicting.

Social Networks
Every wonder what happend to Jen or Mark? Now, you can get back in touch. Simply, register free - enter all your school names from high school through college, and see who has joined the network to keep in touch. Who knows, you might even get a date with the crush you had 10 years ago?!?!
If this site needs a description, we've got problems. The nice thing now is, you can set your profile to private and only people who you accept as your friends can view it. And, there are starting to be more parental controls. This site is not recommended for kids.
This is where the hippies, fire dancers, alternative medicine fans, and organic people congregate. ;-) It is a great social network if you are earthy and want to meet people with similar interests.
A site where you can create your own social network around subjects that are important to you. Or, join another one and hop on the bandwagon to meet new people.
This is not exactly a dating site, but definitely worth a mention. Join Meetups on subjects like entrepreneurship, knitting, tennis, wine, business development, tech, singles hiking and many more. If you're new to an area, this is definitely a good way to meet people. Also great for finding other people that are into the same things as you.