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Free classes, seminars, lectures, courses, independent study, free open courseware, lessons, workshops, free distance education, teleconferences, tutorials, higher education in subjects like arts, crafts, music, and languages online and at universities for students of all ages including kids, adults, and seniors.

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Arts & Crafts

Watercolor Painting Tutorials
Full tutorials on how to paint, relax, and learn beginning through advanced skills in highly detailed tutorials complete with photos and descriptions of every step.

Cooking School Articles
Read the many articles, tutorials, cooking tips, and money saving advice on the Fabulous Foods website.

Adobe Photoshop
Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop in this course offered by
Forum covering a range of crafts including clothing, crochet, interior decorating, jewelry, knitting, paper crafts, silk screening and quilting

Interactive Art School
10 free art class lessons in oil painting, photography, creating a mood, color, composition, etc.

Learn Spanish with free tutorial written in English complete with quizzes and exams to measure your learning progress.

Learn Japanese
Due to popular demand, you must register and get put on a waiting list, but if you really want to learn... you'll wait. Once you are a student, you can take beginning Japanese and talk to other students who are learning Japanese as well.

Mandarin - Chinese Lessons
Free audio lessons to learn Mandarin. Over 40 lessons prepared by experts in the language, each course begins with the basics and gradually promotes the student to the next level of communication.

BBC - French, German, Italian
Enjoy the interactive slideshows and learn the 10 key words for each step in about 20 minutes online. Steps are language tutorials that pertain to things like finding your way around, having a night out, shopping, and working.

Courses in 80 Different Languages
This is a comprehensive directory of all of the free courses available for many of the worlds languages.

A library of MP3 audio, QuickTime movie, and PDF files that show you how to play the drums, base, guitar, keyboard, brass, DJ, voice, and wind instruments.

8 Notes - Free Sheet Music
Free sheet music, riffs, and lessons for every instrument you can think of (including voice) in categories like pop & rock, classical, jazz, film & TV, world, traditional, and children's music.

Guitar Noise
Everything from free lessons to well-written articles on how to become a musician on this website for aspiring guitar players.

They provide over 1000 free quality guitar tabs and chords for the electric and acoustic guitar, created by individuals for personal or educational use. On their homepage, they list the top popular songs, which they have the tabs for.

Classes for Kids
An entertaining resource for kids and adults alike. Watch award-winning animated videos to learn about the constitution, math, science, literature, etc. and then take quizzes at the end to reinforce what you have learned. Get a free 14-day trial of this service, with no credit card required.

The Yahoo! directory for kids to learn about animals, geography, language, science, and computers.

Lesson Plans
Over 3,000 free lesson plans for kids pre kindergarten - 12th grade. The lesson plans can be used by teachers, students, parents, and kids alike.

Courses for Seniors

Thirdage Workshops
Take workshops led by community volunteers in subjects such as finding love online, investing, living well, weight loss, etc.

Berkeley Computer Classes for Seniors
If you live in or near Berkeley, CA, you can take advantage of the free classes offers by the city of Berkeley.

Fun Classes Online - Learn How to do Things

DIY Network
Free tutorials and classes on gardening, home improvement, crafts, hobbies and home building to wood working and automotive how to's
HowStuffWorks is the leading source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works. Learn everything from the mechanics of cars to how global warming works.
How do I...? This site answers many of those hanging questions. Some examples include, how to build a computer, how to ask someone to be your girlfriend, and how to write comedy.
Learn things you want to know how to do, but never thought to take the time to learn, such as how to paint your house, or how to get rid of spyware and viruses on your computer. Hey, this site might actually save you from having to pay someone else for their expertise.

C|net Classes
Classes like "How to Create a Scrapbook with Digital Photos" and "How to Share FIles and Printer" across a Network." The articles and lessons are technology related, fun to read, and include detailed descriptions with photos.

General Free Course Directories
No books to buy, no hidden fees, just free classes to take at your pace online. You will never receive any credentials, such as a degree, but you will be graded on your performance. Take courses in GED and college prep, health care, information and technology, business, marketing, and economics, building and construction, electronics, mathematics, and science. This site links to free courses online, and does not actually provide the courses material.

Free Online Courses
Business, education, tech, careers, life, art, and fitness class listings. An easy to use directory of open and available classes you can take online.

Universities - Open Course Ware

Brigham Young University
This college offers a number of free independent study courses in ancestry and genealogy, family life, history, recreation, music, personal development, and religion. After you validate your email address you will be able to access all free courses offered by Independent Study.

Stanford University
Free streaming video of lectures and seminars held at the prestigious one and only, Stanford University on a variety of topics ranging from computers and technology to engineering. Most of the seminars are more like entertainment and education than rigorous coursework.

MIT open courseware
This is open courseware, which means you have the ability to see the books and assignments used in each class. You do not get any interaction with a professor or any other student... this is purely for self enrichment. MIT offers a free and open educational resource (OER) for educators, students, and self-learners around the world. You have the ability to take over 1,000 courses in every subject matter taught at MIT.

Barnes and Noble University
You have to register for their email list, and they will send you updated course listings every month. Categories for course listings include liberal arts, life improvement, and book clubs. Learn things like backyard astronomy, how to build web pages, designing your own garden, and wine basics. Each class has a limited number of participants and seats fill up fast, so remember to join the email list and wait for the course listings, as after all seats are fill, the class listings are removed.

Higher Education Online

College Guide
Receive free information from a HUGE list of over 500 colleges and universities offering over 2000 programs.
They can help you find the right university online, studying what your interested, and help you obtain financial aid and other resources you will need along the way. This service is free for students.

Free College Scholarships
Enter to win a $10,000 college scholarship. The next drawing is in November of 2011.