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Romantic - Love Advice
Got a long winded problem and need someone to listen? is great because there are always hundreds of people online ready to read your post and respond to it. You should get a mature, well thought out response within a day. Real people from all over will give you advice on relationships, dating, love, sexuality, intimacy, etc.

Each month approximately 100 questions are answered at the Heartbeat. (published around the 10th of the month)  If you have a question, chances are, it will be answered within the next month and if you can't wait that long, you can read through the archives of past love advice.

Love Calculator
You may not find the most accurate love advice at the Love Calculator, but it is all in good fun.  Enter your full name and the full name of the person you are interested in and a percentage of compatibility will pop up on your screen.  If anything, it is a good way to begin the screening process before you begin to date someone.  ;-)

Financial Advice

New FreebieFree Credit Report, Score & Analysis
What do you know about your score? They normally range from 350-800, and this precious number will be the deciding factor in whether or not you get the lowest APR on loans. Get a free 5-day trial (you do have to enter your credit card #), but if you are dissatisfied or decide that you do not need their service, simply call before the 5 day period is over to cancel and the credit report, score and analysis are yours to keep.

Dollar S t r e t c h e r
At the Dollar Stretcher you can read a multitude of articles which include a wide range of money saving topics.  In each issue (published weekly) you will discover sound - common sense advice on how to easily budget hard earned greenbacks.  

Ask the dollar diva for no nonsense answers to your financial queries.  Get information about taxes, bankruptcy, insurance, investing, real estate, and more at The Whiz.

General Advice

All Experts
All Expects is an astounding collection of advice shared by people all around the word.  Comprised mostly of volunteers, All Experts has live discussion oriented advice for almost anything you need a solution for.

Health Advice

Dr. Dave
Dr. Dave and MD, and Dr. Dee a PH.D. have teamed up to give you solid advice on health, medicine, relationships, families, etiquette, manners, fashion tips, movie reviews, and more.

Health Touch
Health Touch defines itself as a resource that brings together valuable information from trusted sources on topics such as medications, health, diseases,
supplements and natural medicine.

New FreebieDrug Interaction Database
Find out if any of your perscriptions have warnings or drug interactions with anything else you are taking or ingesting. It's easy to use, and it will only take 30 seconds.

New FreebieBMI Rating & Samples
Free healthy samples direct from the manufacturers by signing up at Pick as many free offers as you want! Weight loss, energy drinks, pain relief creams,liquid vitamins, mood elevators, stress relief. Fill out a 2 minute second survey and you'll start getting free healthy samples in the mail. Available to U.S. and Canadian Residents.

Legal Advice

Free Advice
If you need answers about the legalities of virtually any issue, has you covered.  Not only is the site bursting with useful definitions, facts, figures and laws, but it is also easy navigate and find the exact information you are looking for.
Get expedient and sensible advice from articles written by lawyers on the Internet who are practicing law in real life. 

Miscellaneous &  Subject Oriented Advice

Auto Trouble Advice
Is your car making one of those 'funny noises' ?  As much stress as it may put you under to have vehicle trouble, it should make you feel a little more secure to know that there is free auto advice out there.  At the site you can post a question on one of the bulletin boards and get potential solutions from auto technicians across the nation.

Help2Go - Computer Advice
At Help2Go there are three ways to get computer advice (two of which are free)  You can use one of the numerous tutorials, ask a question that the Help2Go staff will answer (48 hour response time), or get immediate advice over live chat for a nominal fee. 

Home Improvement Advice
Don Vandervort, a regular on the awarding-winning HGTV show, "The Fix," offers free advice, buying guides, do-it-yourself help, ideas, reviews, and a helpful guide to improve your home.

Parenting Advice

MomNetwork - Connect With Moms Just Like You. 
This is the first social network customized to fit the needs of the nation’s largest niche group - moms! Through The MomNetwork, moms can search for and connect with each other based on shared challenges, interests, kids’ ages, and geography. Moms across the country can now visit to create their profiles for free.

Keep Kids Healthy
Search for a baby name, read about nutrition and childhood ailments, get parenting tips and safety information, and receive advice from a Mother who is also a pediatrician at Keep Kids Healthy.  

Supernatural Advice

Psychic Reading
Get a free weekly reading by providing your full name, birthdate, and birth place. You will receive readings by email from ROCHELLE, a world renowned psychic who has been featured on the BBC and many radio talk shows across the country. Available to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Previously,, will give you free natal charts with long, detailed reports specific to your birthtime along with astrological reports, and much more. You can get lots of free reports on this site when you sign up as a free member.

10,000 Dreams Interpreted
Nina, a dream interpretor online has 10,000 dreams interpreted in alphebetical order in an catalog that is free for visitors to browse through. And, best of all, there are no annoying ads.

Many have theorized that the key to understanding ourselves and our lives can be found within the dream state.  Get free advice from your subconscious life!  The Dream Doctor gives you the opportunity to get your dreams interpreted with a dream symbol dictionary, message boards, translations of reader dream submissions, and more.

Teen Advice

Mainly focused on drug related information, Free Vibe gives teens a non-bias resource of advice and news containing the effects of specific drugs without their parents breathing down their neck.

Teen Central
Share your experience. Find out "whassup" with people you can relate to at TeenCentral.Net, the help-line web site for teens, by teens. Looking for new options, new ideas, new friends? Got a story to tell, a wrong to right, a problem to sort out? Teen Central is the right site.

Teen Wire
Teens want advice about one thing; sex!  Teenwire, a service of Planned Parenthood provides up to date information on sexuality and relationships that teens can trust.