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Get free t-shirts, hats, pins, free clothes, underwear, hosiery, sunglasses, clothing coupons, free clothing catalogs, jewelry, Free Clothing and T Shirtsaccessories, handbags, shoes, footwear, eyewear, etc. How can you possibly get such cool stuff free? It's simple. Brand want exposure and they also want your personal information. In exchange for surveys, your time, information and ability to market a product, you can get rewarded with freebies that you can wear. Who would have thought that a free t-shirt was only a few clicks away?

Free T-Shirts and Clothes

Swagbucks - Earn Free T-Shirts
With Swagbucks, all you have to do is use their search engine (which uses Google results). Just for searching, you'll earn points. Sometimes, you'll even get a ton of bonus points if you hit it right. After about a month, you'll have enough points or Swagbucks to buy an giftcard to buy some free clothes. Learn more about Swagbucks.

Photo Apron - Just $5 Bucks
Customize your own wearable apron for just five dollars - and pay just $5.99 in shipping. Normally these cost $15-20 each and you can make a great gift for dirt cheap. Not quite a freebie, but definitely a steal of a deal.

Craigslist Free Section
Under the for sale section, there is a category in your local area where people list things they would like to give away to others. Sometimes, you can find free t-shirts and clothes or other items for your home. If nothing is listed, feel free to post a WANTED: ad, which will be searchable in the entire for sale section.

If you just had a baby or need an updated look or some new t-shirts, Freecycle is an valuable resource for finding free clothes! People list their items on local neighborhood and city centric email lists all over the world. You can request items from people that are offering them or put out a wanted ad once you join and it's all FREE. With over 6 million members worldwide, this is a great bet if you whether you live in a city or a more remote area. It's especially useful for new parents who need baby clothes or want to give away clothing that their kid no longer fits in. And it's not just for clothing -people give away everything you need in your home 100% free rather than throwing them away.

Get free clothing, furniture, electronics and more on Yerdle - so far Yerdle is still new, but if you live in a major city where they've built up a community, there are lots of items and you can shop for free as well as give away stuff you don't use anymore.

Hot Tip: Swap your clothes at recycled clothing stores, also known as consignment shops. If you have cool clothes and you buy them from the consignment shop or other thrift stores, you can usually sell your clothes back and get 50%+ to use as store credit. So in the way you can create a revolving wardrobe by exchanging the clothes you no longer like out for new articles of clothing and acessessories that you do!

Hot Tip: Clothing swaps rock! You can also do a quick Google search for "clothing swaps" in your area to find monthly happenings where people show up with 8-10 articles of clothing they don't wear anymore and everyone exchanges clothing in person in a social setting. You can walk away several new outfits and t-shirts, plus accessories like belts, purses and jewelry too.

Hot Tip: To get free t-shirts try attending professional conferences in your area, which have free showroom floor tickets to see all of the various vendors. Show interest in their products and ask they if they are giving away any free shwag. If they are, it's win/win - they get free advertising and you get a free shirt that you'll actually wear.

Free Jewelry and Accessories

Beauty Fragrance - Calvin Klein
This is not exactly free clothes, but it's definitely wearable. And, this free sample is available worldwide and super easy to request.

Perfume & Cologne Samples
Try over 6 different brand name fragrances in one fell swoop!

Free Ring Sizer
Wanna know how fat your finger is? Well, this won't tell you your finger circumference, but you will learn your standard ring size, which is important to mention if you know who wants to pop the question.

Victoria's Secret
VS keeps changing their PINK program, but when you register, you'll get a free prize or coupon which typically includes free underwear and a $10 off coupon. No promises though. It's different all the time. At least you'll get something free clothing oriented!

"Go Red for Women" Pin
Sign up on the Women's Heart Disease prevention website and get a free red dress pin.

Free Eyewear - Sunglasses, Contact Lenses


Dailies Contact Lenses
Get free contact lenses when you follow these easy steps. Wait for the banner to load and click where it says "free trial" Then fiill out the form on the following page for your free trial certificate (a $40 value).

Free Contact Lenses

Acuvue Contact Lenses
Try Acuvue contacts by registering for a trial certificate. U.S. only.


DSW Shoes
Discount Shoe Warehouse, DSW --- has a great rewards club. Get a $10 off coupon every year around your birthday and earn points toward free product rewards every time you shop.

Tom's Shoes
These aren't free shoes for you, but rather for someone else on the planet when you buy a pair of your own fashionable shoes that make a statement about what you stand for. The idea is that if you buy a pair, they will give a pair to someone else in a developing country that needs a pair of shoes and doesn't have one. Pretty cool, eh?!

Printable Fashion Coupons for Brand Name Retailers






$5.00 off $5.00 or more purchase Ongoing 100%

H & M


20% off One Item Signup 20%

Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear

$5.00 off Purchase Signup 10%



10% off Coupon by Email Signup 10%



15% off Coupon by Email Signup 15%



Cash Back on Clothing Purchases Signup 10%


Aldo Shoes

10% off Coupon Signup 10%

Get 10% cash rebate on top of any coupon codes you use at when you shop through Ebates. You can shop at over 1200 online retailers and get cash back on every purchase when you use Ebates. Since they get a percentage of the sale when they direct you to the shopping portal of your choice, they share some of that with you. If you buy any clothing online, signing up for Ebates is definitely a worthwhile investment.

American Eagle
Sign up for their list to get printable coupons by email.

Get a 10% off coupon for the next time you shop when you sign up.

Gap Outlet
Sign up an receive 15% off your total purchase at Gap outlet stores.

Sign up for their mailing list to receive a coupon good toward $5.00 off your next in-store purchase or 10% off your next order from

Old Navy
Get brand name clothing, beauty, restaurant, and travel coupons from one of the best coupon sites online.

Clothing Care C.oupons

$30 in Clothing Care Coupons
Fill out one form and get $11 in brand name savings from Shout, Downy, Dryel, Ivory, Febreeze, and more mailed to you U.S. only.

Proctor & Gamble Samples
Sign up for free samples of Tide laundry detergent and stain remover as well as Downy softner.

Free Clothing Catalogs

Sift iPad App
See what's on sale everywhere on the conveneince of your iPad. This app will grab all of the places you shop from your inbox and give you an idea of what you can shop for, right now that's on sale. Plus, you'll see all of the newest styles in an easy, fun interactive way. Sift is catalogs transformed!

Get a free style guide and catalog by mail within 2-3 weeks if you're a U.S. or Canadian resident.

These brands and clothing are great for teenage girls and young, college-aged women. Plus, you can get jeans that are super long or shorter depending on your height in lots of cute styles. You can request the catalog online or call their toll free number to get it sent internationally in 10-14 days.

Victoria's Secret
I love these catalouges and you might even get some valuable coupons to use on your order with your catalog! You can get one sent anywhere in the U.S. and territories as well as Canada.

This is young women's trendy clothing and accessories. Free catalog will be sent internationally.

Get a free clothing catalog for women's suits that fit small, tall, petite and plus size bodies. The suits are inexpensive and you can shop anywhere, anytime. U.S. only.

Coldwater Creek
Coldwater uses a lot of natural fiber fabric is flowing styles that middle aged women seem to love! The prices are more on the expensive side, but the quality of the clothing high so it makes it more worth it. Free catalog

Free Catalogs
100's of free catalogs to choose from, broken down by category. Perfect for shopping on the go, especially during the holidays. U.S. only.

Roxy Catalog
Quick address form to fill out. Order your catalog (which has a coupon for a free razor inside). U.S. only.

Miscellaneous Free Clothing

Depend Underwear
Get a free sample of underwear for men or women. If you don't have a problem with urinary incontience, these probably aren't for you. You'll get 4 sizes to find the perfect fit. U.S. only.

Poise Protective Panty
Get a free sample of Poise protective underwear and a $1.00 off coupon. The under garmets are ideal for feminine bladder protection with outstanding absorbency and odor control in a slim-fitting, comfortable panty.