Business Freebies

York Photo

60 Photo Prints
Got some digital photo prints that your employees would love to have or see? Get them printed and put them in Christmas card. Prints are free, shipping is $3.74.

Free Audio Book

Free Audio Book
I bet you haven't listened to this high of quality of audio books before! Get juiced up on new knowledge on the way to work - sign up and you'll get 1 book credit free (just remember to cancel in first 30 days)

new Credit Sesame
This is a new thing where you can get a free credit report every month. You'll never pay anything... they work on an advertising model, so it doesn't cost money.

Business Cards
Get 500 business cards free. The only drawback is that the card will have a logo on the back. To remove this logo, you can pay a small fee. It's easy to design your own professional card online with the templates Vista Print provides and you can even upload your own design. There is a shipping and handling fee regardless ($5.95), but if you are getting free business cards printed, you can't really complain. You can also create letter head, magnets, and other personalized merchandise at the click of a button.

10 Free Holiday Cards
Get free personalized holiday cards for this Christmas or holiday season complete with your family photos on them! You'll get 10 cards free and simply have to pay shipping and handling. Coupon code: wintercards - expires 12/17/12.

FICO Credit Score Estimator
Want to know within 25-50 points, approximately what your credit score is? It works by asking you questions regarding how many credit cards you have, late payments, collections, etc. This will give you the heads up on what kind of loan rates you should be getting. I did it, my score was accurate, and it only took 2 minutes.

IRS Tax Calendar
If you are self employed or have a small business, you can get a calendar free!
Ever wanted to learn how to be an MS Excel whiz? Even better - do you want to learn how to be a web designer or a graphics guru? There are virtually unlimited classes on, complete with study materials and videos. Take this 7 day trial (no credit card required) to see how you like it. I've used the monthly subscription several times, and it's totally worth it. Where else can you learn new skills for $25 a month?

Trade Magazines
Lists a variety of full year subscription free trade magazines that pertain to your specific field or field of interest.

Address Labels
Request free address labels from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Rosetta Stone Demo CD
Get a free CD of language lessons. Choose your language, they have everything from Arabic to Thai to Welsh.

Free Press Release
This is a site where you can submit your upcoming news to the major media outlets absolutely free!

Print Runner Samples
Print Runner will gladly show your the quality of their printing with tons of free samples (some of them usable as office supplies) like bookmarks, folders, notpads, etc. Please only request this item if you're interested in printing services, either now or at some point in the future.

Tax Filing Help
If you make less than $42,000 per year or qualify as a senior citizen, you may be eligible for free tax filing assistance. Check out the IRS website for more details.

Did you know that you can send and receive faxes by email? This might help elimate problems you have been having with time wasted printing, copying, and manually faxing documents. Now all you have to do is send an email with attachments to a specific address, and... bingo, you're in business. To receive documents, you are assigned a fax number, which you can give to your clients. This fax number routes documents faxed to you to your inbox. It's that easy, and now you can sign up for a free trial of eFax to try it out.

Moo Cards
You may have seen these cool business cards. They are half the size of a regular business card and have a photo on the back. The cool thing about this offer is that you can create 10 free cards (each card can have a different photo on the back) and then you'll receive them in the mail with no shipping charge. And, there won't be some silly logo on the back advertising, just your information and photo. Check it out. If you live in a country where standard shipping isn't available, you'll be charged for USPS Priority service. You can also get 50 free cards, but you have to pay shipping on this offer and there will be a Moo watermark.

Priority Mail Shoe Boxes
This was a fun one that I came across. Not only can you get all kind of free boxes direct from the U.S. postal service to send customers packages in, but now you can also get free shoe boxes of all things!!! Just order the boxes via the USPS online form and they will arrive within a week or two (No S&H). And for those of you that do not know, USPS will also pick up your packages free of charge. Check out their website. U.S. only.

Business Card Templates
At you can get free business card templates that are already done graphically. All you have to do is some text editing and send it off to the printer. Check it out, they have some very unique and professional designs that are very eye catching and edgy.