Business Freebies


new Credit Sesame
This is a new thing where you can get a free credit report every month. You'll never pay anything... they work on an advertising model, so it doesn't cost money.

Visa Signature Card Freebies
Find out how you can use your Visa Signature Card (you probably have one, if you have a Visa credit card) to get things like free wine tastings, movie discounts, and travel deals for when you travel by flashing your card.

Target RedCard
If you shop at Target for your buisness at all, get the RedCard - which you can either setup as a debit card attached to your bank account (no c. score will be run) or a regular cc. Every purchase will be 5% off and you'll get other deals like free popcorn just for having a cool red card.

Free Invoice Generator
No one likes invoices, but this simple tool makes generating invoices super simple and even, sexy!

EchoSign, now owned and operated by Adobe is my favorite digital signing solution and offers you a few free signatures per month before you have to pay anything and for a consultant like me who does large contracts, that seems to be enough.

7 Best Travel Freebies & Deals
Like traveling? How bout them airport lounges? Find out how you can score free and very cheap deals when you're on the road and out of the country.

Moo Business Cards
Get 10 free business cards of all different shapes and sizes with your info printed on them - trust me, they are super cool! And shipping is free too, so yay!
Ever wanted to learn how to be an MS Excel whiz? Even better - do you want to learn how to be a web designer or a graphics guru? There are virtually unlimited classes on, complete with study materials and videos. Take this 7 day trial (no credit card required) to see how you like it. I've used the monthly subscription several times, and it's totally worth it. Where else can you learn new skills for $25 a month?

Trade Magazines
Lists a variety of full year subscription free trade magazines that pertain to your specific field or field of interest.

Free Press Release
This is a site where you can submit your upcoming news to the major media outlets absolutely free!

If you have a business of any kind, shape, or size, you probably want press, right? Well, if you use HARO, which stands for "Help a Reporter Out," you'll get questions that reporters are looking to answer and you can email them directly and volunteer to be a source, which will help you get even more press.

Print Runner Samples
Print Runner will gladly show your the quality of their printing with tons of free samples (some of them usable as office supplies) like bookmarks, folders, notpads, etc. Please only request this item if you're interested in printing services, either now or at some point in the future.

Tax Filing Help
If you make less than $42,000 per year or qualify as a senior citizen, you may be eligible for free tax filing assistance. Check out the IRS website for more details.

Priority Mail Shoe Boxes
This was a fun one that I came across. Not only can you get all kind of free boxes direct from the U.S. postal service to send customers packages in, but now you can also get free shoe boxes of all things!!! Just order the boxes via the USPS online form and they will arrive within a week or two (No S&H). And for those of you that do not know, USPS will also pick up your packages free of charge. Check out their website. U.S. only.