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Baby Kit Free from Target

Baby Registry Gift at Target
Simply sign up for the Target Baby Registry and get a free baby kit worth $50+ (the image is what you'lll receive. Pick it up at your local Target.


Designer Diapers
Get a free stack of really cool, colorful diapers when you sign up at Honest Diapers. You'll have to pay S&H, but it's not much.

baby samples

P&G Samples
Get a freebie box from Proctor and Gamble, which includes baby freebies like Pampers diapers, and some beauty and health products as well.

free amazon baby kit

Amazon Baby Kit
Lots of great supplies in this baby kit, including free Aveeno products, a baby bottle, wipes, lotion, teething toy, and more.

Free formula, diapers, baby food samples, free bib, diaper bag, online resources, coupons, circus tickets, birthday meals, sippy cups, magazines, and so much more. Did you know that it costs upwards of $233K to raise a child these days? Or that a years supply of diapers costs $936 alone? With all that expense, best to hop on the free stuff and couponing bandwagon as early as possible with all of the baby freebies you could ever want.

Free Baby Products for Mom and Baby

Target Baby Kit w/Registry
Register free and get $50 worth of baby freebies plus sizeable discounts and free shipping, should you want to buy anything. Boom!

Disney Parks DVD
Disney will send you and your family a free DVD, which will take you on a tour of all of rides and Disneyland and Disneyworld, so that you plan your next vacation. Plus, it's just fun to see what's there and really feel like you're there. Offer available worldwide.

IKEA Family
Get a free coffee and tea always plus free kids meals and discounts, among other benefits.

Host a Healthy Baby Party
For this party, you'll be given 7th Generation samples and supplies to pass out to your friends during the celebration.

Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials
$60 in valuable coupons, including baby products when you join J&J Essentials. These are manufacturers coupons that you print and can stack to get free stuff.

Johnson & Johnson Gifts
Sign up to get a few free gifts and baby samples from Johnson & Johnson, including baby lotion, shampoo, and conditioner.

Free Kid Clothes
I just found out about the site, Schoola where you can get highly discounted kid clothes. When you sign up here, you will get $15 to use towards your first purchase; & there are many options priced under $15, which means FREE clothes!

Amazon Gift Pack for new Moms
With the Amazon baby registry, you'll get $35 in free gifts, including lots of Aveeno products, some Pampers wipes, coupons, a teething toy, and more.

P&G Freebie Box
These products are mostly health and beauty, but sometimes there will be baby freebies available as well. Either way, it's a good idea to sign up for this one.

Top 5 Baby Freebies
Get free baby diapers, samples, baby kits, and more - we've rounded up the best ones!

Honest Diapers
Jessica Alba just founded a diaper company where you can create custom diapers and get them delivered straight to your door and to entice you, Honest Diapers is offering you the first batch FREE, all you have to do is pay a nominal S&H charge that you'd have to pay if you ordered diapers online anyway.

Buy Buy Baby - Free Goody Bag
Get a bag with baby samples and coupons in it at your local Buy Buy Baby.

More baby samples...

Baby and Grocery Coupons

Cashback on Groceries
Checkout51 offers cashback on groceries just by uploading your receipt to their free mobile app.

Luvs Diapers
Print out a coupon for $1.00 off any size package of diapers.

Printable Diaper Coupons
Check out printable coupons in the Baby & Toddler section. Right now there are various diaper coupons that offer almost $15 in savings.

Target Superstore
Print these coupons out for significant savings on baby items (& everything else on your list) at our local Target.

Chuck E. Cheese's
Get various coupons for your next Chuck E. Cheese - like getting 100 tokens for only $20. Also sign up for Chuck E. Cheese's promotions by email.

Baskin Robbins
Join the Birthday Club to get a free scoop of ice cream and a coupon good for $3.00 off an ice cream cake on your birthday. Fill out a short form and on your birthday you will receive a free coupon by email. Also, get a free ice cream cone when you download the app.

Denny's Kids Meal
Every year, on your child's birthday, they will be eligible for a free grand slam! (This works for adults too). Also, on Tuesdays kids eat free from 4-10pm for a dinner. Yumskies.

Baby Food - Formula - Samples

Enfamil Baby Formula
Sign up for $325 in free baby samples, formula, coupons, and gifts - including a free diaper bag!

Gerber Nutrition Kit
If you can remember or prepare ahead of time, put this in the certificate in the bag that goes to the hospital with you when you have a baby. Give it to a nurse and request a Gerber nutrition kit. Also, get $1.00 off any NUK or Gerber Graduates product.

Similac Baby Formula
If you don't intend to breastfeed, these kits can be valuable and they are free - $400 worth of formula and coupons. The only issue is that you can't really use formula and breast feed, so if you're feeding, this isn't a good one for you.

Store Brand Formula
$5.00 off coupons good at over 68 retailers.

Free Diaper Bag, Cold Packs & Product from Enfamil
Get $250 in free goodies from Enfamil for new and expectant moms.

Free Diapers - Potty Training

Free pack of Huggies diapers for your newborn as well as some valuable coupons.

Free 7th Generation Diapers & Wipes
You'll get a pack of 20-40 diapers and 32 free and clear wipes  to try when you join Grove. Also, get $10 off your first purchase with the link.

4 Free Diaper Samples
We did a roundup of the best baby samples and spots to get free diapers.

Luv's Network Coupons
Printable coupons for Luv's! More Luv's promotions.

Huggies $3.00 off
High value coupons are the best! This is for $3.00 off any one pack of Huggies diapers, plus get a coupon for $1.50 off off one Huggies wipes.

Free Cloth Diapers

If you're a low income family, you can apply for a cloth diaper loan to inexpensively diaper your babes and spend your hard earned money on essentials for the family.

Make & Find Cloth Diapers on the Cheap
Cloth diapers are great and they save money in the long run, but in the short run, they can be cost-prohibitive for some families. This guide will give you some sharp ideas on how you can get cloth diapers that work really well very inexpensively.

Boogie Wipes
Pre-schools and groups with 25 or more participants can sign up for free samples. 

Pampers Rewards
Are you a Pampers mom? Well, you should get rewarded with free coupons and diapers then! Sign up now to earn great rewards like magazines, toys, baby bottles and more. All you have to do is enter in the code each time you purchase more Pampers products, which is pretty much constantly, right?

Coupons for Pull-Ups, Flushable Wipes, & Training Pants for U.S. & Canadian Residents.

Health Freebies for Babies and Moms

Free Breastfeeding Pump
Breastfeeding is an expensive business, but never fear, if you have any kind of insurance, your insurer is required to pay for a pump or a pump rental for you, should you request one.

Free Infant Eye Check-up
Infantsee is a program that works with optometrists to provide an eye check up for babies between the ages of 6 and 12 months old. 

Ah, Orajel... A necessity for teething babies (& their moms). Fill out your information & receive a coupon for Orajel. Save a little money & get a better night's sleep.

Children's Advil
Print a coupon right now for $1.00 off any Advil product.

Free Magazines and Books and Gifts for Parent and Kids

Free eBooks
Sign up to receive emails about the best free eBooks of the day.

You can get all of these products free, just pay a reasonable shipping fee, starting at $8.95:

Car Seat Canopy Coupon Code ENBABY
Breast Pads Coupon Code: ENBABY
Baby Leggings Coupon Code: ENBABY
Kids Furry Hat Coupon Code: ENBABY
Nursing Pillow Coupon Code: ENBABY
Baby Leggings Coupon Code: ENBABY
Baby Carrier Coupon Code: ENBABY
Carseat Canopy Coupon Code: MYSAVINGS

Free Photos, Calendars & Custom Gifts

Free 4x6 Softcover Photo Book

Just pay a small amount for shipping and handling. You get to customize the whole thing!

Free Entertainment for you and your Baby

Gymboree Class
Get your first class free. They have classes for babies 0-6 months all the way up to kids 3-5 years. Print the coupon for it right now from your computer. Available to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Find Meaning of Your Babies Name 
Look up the most popular names for kids, find a name for your new baby, or look up your name to find out what the meaning, origin, and root of your name is.  Get a full description of names and obtain an understanding of what type of personality traits are linked with what names. Available worldwide.

Get a free letter from the President of the United States 
welcoming your new baby into the world.A signed congratulatory card from Barak Obama will be sent in your babies name. Send the baby's name, address, and birth date to: The White House Greetings Office, Room 39, Washington, DC 20500.